Amelia, The Angel sent from above

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These are the poems that my darling wife and I have exchanged, mine in white, and Amelia's in her favourite shade of green. You can see why I am inspired to write these poems of love to her, over the many miles between Bristol, Uk, and Toledo City, Philippines, and to know her in person would leave you in no doubt that I really have married an Angel.


Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines




Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines


11 July 2003


An Angel came into my life today
She was more beautiful than I could say
She is intelligent, cute and good

I should marry her if I could
But can a mortal like me marry an angel?
The Angel I am talking about is named Amelia

Amelia the girl of my dreams
A girl I could love forever
That is the way it seems

Amelia, a girl who inspires me
Like no other girl before
A woman that ever inspired me that much never was



01 August 2003


I love you so much,
and I wait for your loving touch.
The touch of an Angel is true,
the greatest love I ever knew.


Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines



I met a guy, DALE was his name
Since the day I met him
I never felt the same
I couldn't hide this feeling I have inside
So many guys that I happened to meet
But I never fall in love
So, I asked from the moon up above..
"Won't you give me a guy?"

Won't you give me a guy?
Who could show me the way
And teach me how to say..



4 August 2003


I love you more than I ever show
I love you more than you'll ever know
My love for you will show
As long as life permits me to..


Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines

Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines


08 August 2003


An angel can't spread her wings,
She's ever looking for a love to bring,
Somebody came and went,
But life for her is not complete
'Till someone so special came to fulfill her dreams
Given her reasons to live a wonderful life forever then..


09 August 2003


I have found an Angel,
In a far off corner,
Amelia is an Angel beyond imagination
Without meeting her, I could hardly have drawn her
Wise and beautiful beyond belief
To hold you in my arms will be a great relief.
To have found such beauty on the Earth
An Angel that will love me
And I will love back for all my worth.


10 August 2003


As I walked through the journey of life,
Roads were rough and tough I passed
I've always looked for a place to relax
But ways were all so dark

I've asked for something to light up my path
But things went wrong, and no one to abide
I must go on and face the struggle,
All my strength and courage I should explore Losing hope is not the answer
Success is what I goal for
And of the sudden, a star came and flashed my way
So amazed I was of what I saw beside me..

I've gone everywhere which led me to nowhere
Not realizing the thing I've ever been looking for
Is just there near me, showing preciousness
For me to take and will never perish


Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines
12 August 2003


I like you, coz I admire you
I want you coz I need you
I respect you coz I honour you
I'm always thinking and dreaming about you
All because, I LOVE YOU..


Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines
13 August 2003


As I sit here broken down,
I sit and dream of you.
While I wait for Vehicle rescue
I count my blessing in a love so true.

Sat in a broken down van in the heat of the day
All I think about is Amelia, My darling Fiancee.
I am hot but Amelia takes the frustration away.
I look forward to a time when she can come and stay.

Being Broken down with the pressure of work,
This doesn't seem to even notice when I think of you.
I have had some food and I have my drink,
So it can't be so bad while I think of you.

My future seems bright with you by my side,
even though the present may not.
I look forward till you are my bride,
and the devil may take this rotten van.

Where my mind wanders only you should know
even with this work to do.
There is nothing better I can dream of, and so,
when I sit in this hot van I dream of you.


14 August 2003


When I finally met the love of my life
Something new, I never really knew
I could reach out and dream
More than anything, I could ever think
He made me do things, I never realized I could
Inspired by his love, made my thoughts explored
He gave me strength to face every trials and tests
With his love so true, problems are easy to take
Now that I found him,
All through my life he will live in my thoughts,
my mind, heart and soul
We will cherish every wonderful moments together
Our love for each other will live in our hearts forever..


Photogaphed by Edbien Digital Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines



Sitting lonely on a chair at home
Just thinking of you alone
Dreaming of our big day to come
Hoping so soon it will be done

You will be holding my hand so tender
As you put the ring onto my finger
And we will both say,"I do"
Committing ourselves to love each other
And will never ever let go..


17 August 2003


I love you Darling
You are the song of my life
And the joy of my heart
You gave me happiness I never had before
The feelings I would cherish forever more

You taught me how to be strong
With your kind love, I wouldn't ask for more
We may undergo hardships
But I believed we could pass these
Through our love we could make it

I am blessed to have you
How lucky I am to found you
My Darling whom I would love to hug
Feel my everlasting touch on your heart
Showing you the love, you never thought to have..


Photogaphed by Rossel's Photographic Studio
Cebu City, Philippines

Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines
18 August 2003


The voice of an Angel was hear this morning
The Angel Amelia visited my sleep
Just as new day was dawning.
A voice as sweet as the dew.

The voice that lifted my day
A voice so enchanting I was under it's spell,
I listened intently to every word Amelia had to say
It was voice that I want to hear for everyday

This well spoken Angel will one day be here,
she has a voice so clear,
And she can be confident that she will always have me
And on me, the effect of her voice, she will see..




Your voice sounds like a song
Made my heart beats so strong
Every little word you utter
Touches my heart deeper

So strong my heart is beating
As I listen to you while talking
By your laugh,I was comforted
And made our hearts connected


Photogaphed by Edbien Digital Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines


21 August 2003


Amelia, is the name that makes my heart miss a beat.
Amelia is the angle that I am about to wed
Amelia is the young lady I am about to meet
Amelia is the love I can't get out of my head,
and why should I want to?



When I see a bird of Paradise,
I think of Amelia.
She is like the Mona Lisa, a perfect work of Art.
When I see a woman with child,
I think of her too.
I look forward to Amelia being my wife.
Every single thing reminds me of her
I can't wait to be with her for the rest of my life


22 August 2003


I look forward to meeting you at Manila Airport.
That you should travel so far for me is a good sign.
As soon as I see you I will go down on one knee,
and I look forward to hearing you say you'll be mine.
The engagement ring will be ready,
And sparkling for you to wear
I will be so happy when you say yes,
You're ready for, my life to share.



Long black hair as fine as silk,
Golden Skin so firm and fair,
Eyes as black as night filled with twinkling stars,
A beauty beyond compare,
Amelia, you are the only one for whom I will forever care.


Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines
24 August 2003


Love you, love you so much
That's the feeling I have for you
If you never know
My heart will not be alright
When I don't see you
Oh, do you know why?
Even while I'm sleeping
you're the one I'm always thinking
You are what I wanted to be with
and feel your arms surround me for always

Because of you,
This heart of mine
learned to love
Is it really like this?
I hope this love that I felt for you
would be cared for and not be played
Coz I only fell in love once
And I've chosen you
Hopefully will not hurt this heart
Of mine that loves you..


Photogaphed by Edbien Digital Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines

Call of this heart of mine
Is just you and no one else
You are everything to me

Don't let my heart cry
Hear this begging heart of mine
It is true,you are the only love
In this heart of mine...



26 August 2003


I hung up in despair, for what I was missing
I look forward to the time when we will be married and kissing.
One day I will be woken be your hand, whisper in me ear
"Wake up you sleepy head, it is time for work my dear"
I will be able to say I love you and go to work,
And know that you will be there when I return.



I feel so sad of missing the chance
Hearing your voice that makes my day
Hoping for the other time to cope
Making my day with full of hope

I'm looking forward for another chance
Hearing the song again, that to me you sang
Every minute would be wonderful
Making my life so great and awesome


Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines

Painted by Amelia's loving husband


3 September 2003


To live a life without you
Is like living a life of sorrow
Happiness can't ever be there
Without you Darling, my Dear

To live a whole life with you beside me
Is like living a life in the wonderous heaven
Contentment and Satisfaction is reached
With you and me together forever, my Darling Mr. Lewis



12 September 2003


MY kiss, I give you
My hug is just for you
My thoughts are always you
My heart belongs to you
My love is only you
My whole life,
I will spend forever with you..


Photogaphed by Edbien Digital Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines


19 September 2003


Amelia I find myself thinking about you all day.
Now I can't hear your voice which was so gay.
I am looking forward to you being here to stay.


22 September 2003


I love you so much, and I long for your touch.
I long to have you bite and tickle me
and I am touched by your wonderful poetry.
I can't wait to hold you, to propose to you, marry you.
I know our marriage will be a fantastic eternal one



28 September 2003


Amelia my darling, I am here and on my way
I am in Heathrow terminal 3.
I am here with the biggest part of the journey ahead,
I sit here in the departure lounge dreaming of thee.
Soon I will be on my way to Doha
Flying to you, but I am sure this 26hours will be the longest.
With seven different vehicles to your door.
I can't till we are together.
The Girl that I adore.
The time drags by like watching a tree grow.
Everyone is waiting, philippines too.
Some are happy to be moving to their gate.
Every kind of person waits, chinese, arabs, and me.
I think I will have alot of time for the missing you to be great.
It is dragging because I can only dream of what will be.
I can dream of kissing, and holding your hand.
It is now 3:50am in your time,
and while you sleep in exstatis bliss.
I am here waiting for my plane and thinking of rhyme.
Now I am on a plane over the arabian desert and I think about you all the time.
Then dreaming of you over the Indian Ocean.
Four times in a row, must be a record.
The anticipation of you

Photogaphed by Edbien Digital Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines


18 October 2003


Amy gihigugma 'ko gayud ikaw
At the moment I am sad and lonely
I had an idea of how we would say bye bye
but the airport authorities made that impossible.
It avoided the tears that might have been.
Perhaps it was just as well.
I thought I would see you again before I left
This thought made the split less painful.
Gihigugma 'ko gayud ikaw ug I look forwared to coming to get you.
I find It hard without you already, like
somone had ripped out my heart

I am all alone here, feeling the soft blows of the air
Thinking of the moment that so soon we will share
This emptiness that I feel, soon I know will fade
Happiness that I'm longing for,
With you here, will soon be cherished forever more..


17th March 2004


You came from far away
An Angel from a land of grace.
You came to me on a spring day in 2003.
You into my heart and filled it with love
You brought to me inspiration
You brought your own beauty to my life
and in return I bring you devotion
You are everything to me
you bring peace to my mind, and I pray for eternity.
You are my all that is beautiful
rolled into one.
I have found an Angel here on the Earth
and I thank God for the day of your birth.
You are a fantastic dream come true,
and now I devote my entire life to you.
I can only have nice dreams now you are my love
I dream of holding a beautiful dove.
You have come to me perfect and pure,
and I will honour you for ever more.


Photogaphed by Edbien Digital Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines


30 March 2004


You are the sun shine to me,
You lift my heart like a summer day.
Yon are the light when all seems dark,
and when you are away it feels like night even during the day.
May God meant let there by Amelia at the beginning of time,
but he saved you for me, and now I can have light where ever we be.
Your light is richer than the sun, and my love for you is like a Super nova.
At the moment I am stumbling in the dark, because you are in Toledo and still more than a spark.
When you are here I know for sure, than summer will be here for ever more.
Until that days all seasons feel like winter.
Cold and dark
So I pray that summer will come and the warmth that you inject into my heart will melt the snow.


Photogaphed by Edbien Digital Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines
2 April 2004


Everything I see, hear, and spell reminds me of you.
every scented flower brings back our special day.
Every story of romance on tv reminds me that you belong to me.
The tv brings many memories back me, of thee.
The travel shows about no matter where, always reminds me that you are from a place far away.
And soon I plan to bring you with me, but for now you are there and I am here.
sad shows mixed with memories of you make me cry everytime,
And happy shows also bring on tears.
Everytime the postman comes I think of the love you send me, and visa that's over due.
When I see rice, pomelos and fish in the store, my mind always returns to the food we shared before.
There is no where to hide from the reminders of you.
I am glad of that whether it makes me happy or blue.
I am sure that I have the same effect on you too


9 April 2004


I met Amelia at a distance,
but I knew right away.
I spoke to my friends and colleagues of her with pride.

Amelia who captured my heart,
and accepted my proposal of marriage.
She showed a faith in me and gives me still more pride.

She travelled to Manila,
to greet me from across oceans wide.
And when I met her she filled me with pride.

For the next two weeks Amelia never left my side,
and the warmth, love, and affection she bore me,
She made me walk with pride.

When she came up the isle on our special day, I nearly cried
This soon passed,
and I gave my solumn oath with pride.

Amelia is my speial Angel that I want always by my side.
I want always to love and cherish her forever,
and carry the name"Amy's Husband" with pride.

Now we are not together in the geographical sense,
but we will soon be together again,
and I know that she will always make me proud of my darling wife
On that I stake my life.


10 April 2004


I long for a love that could make my life different
I asked for a thing for me to happen
Change the way my life goes to the way it should be
A way that could make me happy though may not be completely

Believing with the Father up above that all things are possible
I waited for so long that I even lost hope and avoided to dream
Until suddenly, as God promised now I claimed
He sent you to me, though how far apart we are from each other

He showed the way, now together we would be happy
For eternity I promise my love for you will stay
Here I will be loving you eternaly, even in life after death
I would stay loving you as long as I live..


27 April 2004


If you were here
I could run my fingers through your hair,
If you were here I could show you how much I really care.
I could kiss you tenderly on the lips.

I wish were here, so if you are sad
I could kiss away the tears.
I could hold you tight, and take away a nightmare's fears.
I wish I could kiss you with passion.

I want you to be here
So I could hold you at night, and keep you warm.
I could whisper I love you, or sing you a lullaby.
I just want you to be near.

I need you here to sooth my soul,
If you were here you could return my spirit.
You could make me feel a King
I need you so much and my Love is waiting.

I do all these things now, but while I sleep.
I dream you are here and I can hear your joy,
I long for that time when we are as one,
I dream it is now and my life is whole.

Soon my heart will leap with joy
when I hear there is nothing to keep you there.
And I can board a plane and bring you home.


28 April 2004


While I work during my day
I day dream and my mind is back in Binghay.
I dream of the beautiful woman I made my wife,
and the beautiful dress she wore.
Amelia are you real or just a dream, I couldn't ask for more.
How can what I daydream really be true,
and can one really exist just like you.
I know it is true because I was there to hear you say I do.
My night dreaming is not so real,
but I have my daydreaming, so that is no big deal.
My daydreams, most have happened already,
I have married a beautiful lady named Amelia,
Kind and loving to me.
But now my daydreams are dreams that you are here,
and will show how happy I can be.


17 May 2004


I met my baby for the first time in manila,
A better time is hard to find.
You were so affectionate from the first sight,
for me in a strange land full of people new.
The stop in Pardo to eat was very welcome and nice,
to be surrounded by a family full of love,
and my Angel at my side, and we ate chicken and rice.
Good food and company and my Fiancee at my side,
what more could a man wish for.
My day in Jarden was so good, meeting Lolo and Lola
I had another good meal in the home of my future bride.
Just up the road we had coconut, and a sip of rum,
and i saw my first cock fight, and I didn't mind the bumpy pinion ride.
Another day we went to the island in the sky to swim,
Nevermind, we went to a nice place in Balamban and swam.
Amelia is such an inspiration, I did Kareoke the first time ever
Every minute of everyday is heaven with Amelia.
Toledo is my favourite City in the whole world,
the City of Angels for sure
On the saturday we went to Cebu to church, an interesting time.
Amy had her feet washed, and we had a meal.
We went to Carmen to see the wedding preparations, and Analisa's house.
We went to Sangi, to chuch the day before we wed
I had been there a few days earlier, but I will never get out of my head.
Binghay Marine park was the place that will always be in my heart.
Now I am sad and in England and my Darling in Poblacion, Toledo.
How cruel good memories can be,
when the maker of those memories is so far over the sea.

Photogaphed by Edbien Digital Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines

Photogaphed by Episode Photographic Studio,
Cebu City, Philippines
6 June 2004


One line of a poem written by you is worth a real kiss.
A poem can ease the pain of the kiss I am about to miss.
I miss you so much, the hurt is so real.
Your poetry makes your love real to feel.
Even over such distance, and out of sight.
I know that my love for you is so right.



20 July 2004


Evertime I breath I think of you
Everytime I see bright green, I know love is true
Every wedding I hear of makes me so happy
Every baby I see makes me sad
Because I know we should be starting that journey
Everywhere I look I see your face,
Everyone I see reminds me of your grace
Every flower I smell reminds me of you.
Every red rose was made for you.
Every time I see one I thank God you are mine
And I look forward to looking into your eyes that shine

23rd July 2004


When someone says Philippines
My ears are pricked and keen
When anyone says Cebu,
My Heart misses a beat
When someone says Toledo City
I start to drift into a heavenly state
We know why these words effect me that way,
because my darling wife is living there
Amelia, the beautiful angel who puts love in my life
And my heart wants to be there with her, now and forever


9th January 2006


I was a princess of the skies
Made the sun and stars shining
that kept the eyes smiling

But i fell down on the rocky Earth
Now I have broken legs
With broken legs, I can't move on
Wishing I have wings for me to carry on

With wings, I can fly back to the skies
And for eternity, I will shine in thy eyes

11th February 2006


On this day please hear me say
Things for so long I should have saith to thee
Your unconditional love and devotion really means a lot to me
I see the tenderness and passion in you
that no one else could ever do

I know from the very first day I met you
A gift of love from God above was sent to me and you

Forgive me if I can't promise anything else to thee
I just wanna remind thee of the things I have saith already
That no matter what, for eternity
my love deep within my heart for you will stay..


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